Weekend Reading: Dr. Phil, Memoirs & the Sate of the Union

It’s the weekend, and we here at Wargamer HQ would like to go to sleep now. Before that happens though, we’d like to leave you with some light reading to see you through till Monday. James will be bringing you his expert opinion on Matrix Games’ Campaign Series: Middle East 1948 – 1985, released last year.

First up, our friends over at CIMSEC have published an interview with a true UK wargaming legend: Dr. Phil Sabin, who is a professor of Strategic Studies at King’s College London. The interview involves Dr. Sabin’s new book – Simulating War – but also touches upon wargames generally, covering many of the talking points we’ve been discussing in our recent article series on the future of wargaming.

You’ll also see a mention for a certain website down at the bottom. Not that we’re bragging, or anything.

Over at BoardGameGeek, user ‘Chas59’ reviews a strategy guide for Memior ’44 titled ‘Memoir ’44 Tactics and Strategy Guide’ by Alexis Beuve.

The guide itself can set you back $39.99, although Chas generally speaks favourably of the work, saying it goes beyond what he’d expect from ‘expert level’ analysis.

Lastly, GMT Games published the first part of their ‘State of the Union‘ analysis of how well they’ve done as a company. It’s well worth a read, and some of the results may surprise you.

Happy Wargaming!


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